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Welcome to my insightful and engaging articles and reviews section, where I delve deep into a world of fascinating topics and provide comprehensive evaluations. Here, you'll find a curated selection of articles rich in information and analysis, covering a wide range of subjects from the latest technological advancements to lifestyle trends, and everything in between.

Financial Fraud Detection for a Bank's Loan Data using Machine Learning

​In this project:

  • I analysed the bank’s loan data and performed detailed Exploratory Data Analysis for missing values treatment & outlier removal.

  • Performed Feature Engineering for the variables to be used in the Machine Learning Models.

  • Predicted the tendency of their clients to default on loans with different Machine Learning Models and compared the Models’ performance.

Analysing and Predicting Online Purchase Behaviour with Machine Learning

This project analyses an E-commerce customers data. Detailed Exploratory Data Analysis was done to pre-process the data, followed by Feature Selection to determine relevant variables, then ultimately 5 Machine Learning models were deployed in predicting the purchase tendency of the users.


ML models deployed were:

- Random Forest, Decision Tree, Logistic Regression, Gaussian NB & LinearSVC.


Top 3 performing models for this dataset were the Logistic Regression, LinearSVC and Gaussian NB. Overfitting was observed in the other two models. Click to view in GitHub.

Data cleaning and analysis using SQL in Snowflake for the Loan Repayment Data of a Green Tech Company

This project shows the results following data cleaning and analysis using SQL in Snowflake for the Loan Repayment Data of a Green Tech Company in Germany.


I find querying data within Snowflake to be seamless, especially with the assisted functions to prompt overlooked analysis.

The SQL queries and presentation can be found in my GitHub repository. Click to view in GitHub.

Feasibility of Energy Substitution in Nigeria: Solar Panels and Inverter Batteries

“An Analysis of Economic Viability Under New Electricity Tariffs”

This paper evaluates the economic viability of substituting conventional energy sources with solar panels and inverter batteries in Nigeria, focusing on the impact of newly adjusted electricity tariffs in Nigeria for Ikeja, Lagos environs in 2024. The analysis employs Net Present Value (NPV) calculations over a 20-year period to compare solar, grid, and hybrid energy systems under varying financial and economic conditions. Click to read full article.

Analysing Data Science Jobs and Salaries with Python

This study analyses job market data from 2020 to 2023, focusing on global salary trends, job title remunerations, and the impact of various factors on data-related roles.

Utilising Python for data manipulation and visualisation, the study showed significant growth in the data sector, underscored the prominence and pay discrepancies of certain job categories, and highlighted geographical salary disparities.
 Click to view in GitHub.

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